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Aquamarine + Moonstone Mala


Aquamarine is a stone that is associated with the water element. It is said to bring the calm, relaxing and cleansing energies of the sea. It has been used as a talisman of good luck and protection. As a throat chakra stone, it is also said to promote heartfelt communication and happiness. It is also the March birthstone.


Rainbow moonstone is connected to the divine feminine energy as well as the cycles of the moon. This is a sensual and creative stone that brings calm, peace and balance. It has long been touted as the travellers stone, especially for those who travel by night as it is said to hold the light of the moon to guide the wearer on their journey.


This mala is made with 6mm semi-precious gemstone beads strung on a silk cord.


*All gemstones are earthly treasures and are therefore one of a kind. Pieces will always have slight variations in the stones that will be different from the picture.




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