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Hello Little One


A simple & modern keepsake book designed to document your child’s early years from birth until they head off to school, documenting from 0-5 years.


• Journal measures 8.5 x 11 inches.

• There is no references to Mom or Dad so can be used by any family situation and be filled in accordingly.

• The book is professionally printed and bound with the cover printed on #100 satin finish stock with #65 opaque matte white stock for the inside pages.

• A 7x10 keepsakes envelope has been adhered to the inside of the back cover to store other photos, ultrasound pictures, cards, etc.

• A small keepsake envelope for the first haircut has also been included.

• The journal is coil bound which allows for flat lay pages, which makes journaling & pasting in photos easy & fun!

• The book pages hold a variety of photo sizes. All spots hold a minimum photo size of a square 4x4 print and the hello baby page holds up to a 5x7 photo.


The 70 Pages Include:

Front Cover
Before You Arrived - Ultrasound Photo & Photo Of Mom Expecting
Waiting For you - Pregnancy Details
Birth Story - Blank Lined Page
Hello World - Birth Photo & Birth Details
About You - Name meaning, Details, etc.
On Your Day - Fun Facts
Biographies - Of Parents (no references to mom or dad, the spots are left blank so can be used by any family situation)
Family Tree – Including Pets & Siblings
First Moments – First Photo / First Family Photo
Hand & Footprints (An Imp print wipe can be added on to complete this page)
Coming Home – Leaving The Hospital / Arriving At Home
Welcome Home – My Home / My Room (Nursery)
First Week – Days 1-7 (Including First Visitors) x 4 pages
First Visitors - Blank Photos Pages x2 (holds 8 4x4 photos)
Baby Shower - Who Attended, Highlights, Gifts From Guests
Blank Photos Page
Celebrating Me (For Baptism or Dedication & printed on the back side of blank photos page so can be removed if needed)
Keepsakes – First Haircut (3x4 envelope installed into book) / Hospital Birth Card Spot
Growth Chart – Weight & Length 0-12months
Teething Chart
Things You Said - Blank Lined Page
Special Memories - Blank Lined Page
First Adventures
Firsts (Milestones) – ie. Bath, Smile, etc. x5 pages
Milestones x2 Pages - The Big Ones: Crawl, Food, Word, Step with space to write about each and a photo spot
First Holidays x2 pages - holidays left blank so you can write the 8 you celebrate
First Vacation
First Artwork
1-12 Monthly Milestone Pages x12 pages (Spot for photo; I can, I like, I don’t like, We’ll Never Forget)
One Year Hand & Footprints Page
First Birthday - Details: Who Attended, Gifts, Cake, Favorite Gift, etc.
Blank Photos Page x2
Reflecting On The First Year – Blank Lined Page
A Letter To You – Blank Lined Page
Two Years - Interview & Photo Spot
Three Years - Interview & Photo Spot
Four Years - Interview & Photo Spot
Five Years - Interview & Photo Spot
Off To School – Preschool / Kindergarten
Hopes For You – Blank Lined Page
Photos – 4 Blank Pages
Back Cover (with a 7x10 keepsake envelope installed to hold cards, photos etc.)

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