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Aniela is an independent brand based in the Fraser Valley area of Vancouver, BC. We specialize in Tulle Skirts (adults and kids), Lace Tops and Bridal Separates. Each and every product is created and sewn by hand ~ we want to make sure you’re getting the best of the best when you purchase one of our items.

Berg + Betts

BERG+BETTS Watches were created for the conscious consumer. We are sustainably made from surplus leather and our suppliers were carefully chosen and certified ethical. Each and every piece is designed and hand assembled right here in Victoria, BC.
We believe you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability and it’s our mission to provide women with classic timepieces that are sophisticated, responsible and affordable.

Boo to you


Sarah is a 36 year old one-woman circus juggling two little humans plus one large husband human, work and an obsession with stationery. When not performing her sideshow attraction Sarah can be found dreaming up witty images and words to give people a laugh and remind everyone in the trenches that they aren’t alone. She can also be found making muffins for her family and then eating all of said muffins herself, but that’s not really relevant to you. She loves watching programs that show how everyday objects are made in factories. Sorry, also not relevant.

Coastal Kid

Coastal Kid all began with the birth of our first child, Harper West. When Harper was born, we realized that we couldn’t identify with the majority of clothes available to children. We didn’t want her to look the same as every other baby. We wanted pieces that were more in line with who we are. We wanted her to be in a mini version of things that we wanted to wear and to be able to identify with the coastal lifestyle we live and breathe. And that is how Coastal Kid began.

Coastal kid is an apparel brand inspired by parents who want their kids to dress is tasteful, premium apparel. We are bringing you pieces for your children that you would want to wear. And we are doing that in combination for our love for the coastal lifestyle. Whether you live on the coast or you love the coast, this brand is to bring together like-minded families who have a passion and take pride in their love for the coastal lifestyle. Rugged Northern Coasts, Sandy Southern Coasts and every coast in between, we bring you an apparel brand that families all over the world can identify with.

By purchasing Coastal Kid you are joining us to celebrate a community of families that love the salty air, the powerful ocean, dirty feet, endless adventure and making memories with their kids that last a lifetime.

Deer Child

Deer Child started from my love of sewing, reading and having a quiet place for my children to image.  Each play tent is handmade by me and my husband in Campbell River.  My tents are inspired by my love for all things vintage.  I love vintage bohemian prints, classic color schemes and calming tones.  I believe that not only are our tents a wonderful place for children to imagine and play, but also a statement piece in home décor.  Each print and design is hand selected by me and something I am truly proud of. My aim is to make something so special for each of your little loved ones, where they can truly harbour a love for reading, imagination and play.  I have been lucky enough to work on my passion for crafting and home goods all while being able to stay at home with my two little men, by making beautiful tents for your littles.

Décor By Nature

I am inspired by adventure and travel, the beautiful West Coast and its nature and animals. I am also inspired by my three boys and their energy and wonder, and fellow creatives on this Island. I work from my home, usually in my living room but I also have a studio in my back yard.

I started my business in 2014 while on Maternity leave with my second son. I was only creating part-time until last year when I was able to be a full-time Mompreneur.

My goal is to create high quality home décor and wedding items that fill people with joy. I love hearing the stories of why people connect with my art, and I hope to keep on creating while being able to stay at home with my young kids.

Dottie Kids

Dottie is a small clothing business based in Victoria BC. Everything is produced by hand in my home studio. In addition to the popular onesies, Dottie creates T-shirts, leggings, and dresses for kids of all ages. Many items are printed with west-coast animals like whales, as well as childhood favorites like dinosaurs and unicorns. Offering a collection of upcycled shirt dresses, zip-up hoodies and t-shirts all one of a kind. Dottie Kids believes in reusing pre-loved fabrics, as it is more eco-friendly than any new fabric being manufactured. Dottie’s goals are sustainability and forward thinking promote thoughtful and conscious consumerism.

Glow Jar

Glow Jar provides 100% all natural skin care products which are handmade in small batches on Vancouver Island, BC using high quality natural ingredients intended to make your skin glow.

My passion for skin health came from my mother and after watching her battle Leukemia for 10 years, I wanted to create a line of products that were free of chemicals, toxins and cancer-causing parabens found in the majority of commercial products. Now as a mother myself, my passion for natural skin care has only grown. I’ve always made it a priority to take a holistic approach when deciding what goes into my body, as well as my family’s; it was only a matter of time before natural skin care was at the forefront of my mind. I’ve been working hard to create products by hand using ethically sourced products that still produce amazing results.

I believe we should all make time for self-care as it’s so important to have time to reflect and be able to pamper yourself.

Hey Baby!

Hey Baby! was founded in Victoria BC in 2016, by a new mama struggling to find long-lasting and stylish clothing for her chubby baby boy.

Little ones grow so fast, and we often find ourselves buying new clothing that last only a few wears before they are outgrown. We decided to fix that problem by offering soft, comfortable, grow-with-me clothing that is also incredibly stylish.

Honeybee Handmade

I grew up in a house where fairies, mermaids and dragons were real. We had elf houses all over our yard. I still believe.

When I’m creating for kids I’m always looking for that fabric that’s going to spark their imagination and give them a sense that anything is possible.

That’s what inspires me.

My collection is about feeling great in your clothes. Fun and inspiring prints. Quality, super soft, bamboo and cotton fabrics. And comfortable styles for everything from parties to picnics.

My background is in fashion design. I did my first craft fair at 12 years old and was pretty much hooked! After high school I studied design and then moved to Toronto and gained a lot of hands on experience working for some independent designers who became my mentors. My heart and my firstborn brought my family and I back to Victoria in 2007.

My creative space is in my home, and that’s where my line is created from start to finish. Although it’s starting to feel a little cramped! I truly love my job, and look forward to growing my little company at an organic pace over the next few years.

Heirloom Carrier

Heirloom Carrier was born from a love of holding my babies close. I’m a wife and mother, first and foremost, but I’m also a memory keeper. I always gravitate to quality goods that can be kept and passed down, which is what I hope for my ring slings. There are so many memories attached to wearing our babies…the touches and sensations we never want to forget and the sense of being so close and cuddled up tight. I’m so happy to provide Canadian-made ring sling carriers that are simple, practical, safe, and beautiful. Carry your memories close to your heart.

Isabella and Co.

After my daughter, Isabella, was born I went through a huge identity crisis. I knew I had always wanted to be a mother but I needed more, something just for me. One day I decided to make a teething clip for Izzy, I had extra beads so I made some for friends and fell in love with the process! I kept making more and more, then eventually I started an Etsy shop then an Instagram page and from there Isabella & co was born.
Becoming part of the small shop community has not only allowed me to stay home with my daughter and work during nap time and bedtime doing something I love, but also meet so many wonderful, like-minded mamas along the way!
I hope to continue pushing boundaries creating unique one of a kind wood and silicone beads, while adding new vintage inspired products a long the way.

Little Rad Jack

I am Jackie, born and raised on Vancouver Island, mom to three busy little boys, and bosslady behind LRJ. What started as a hobby has fully blossomed into a creative outlet that allows me to work from home. I love simple, gender neutral designs that are playful and modern.

Balancing family and work for any mom is never easy, but seeing your little babes rocking LRJ makes it all worthwhile.

Little Fox teething

We are proud to offer hand made in Canada teething jewelry that is totally on-trend. Our collection is based around beach-y inspired hues, paired with neutrals that make each style so wearable. We love seeing how our jewelry can transform our typical ‘mama uniform’ of leggings and a t, into a chic ensemble! Plus, it’s amazing to witness how babies are truly drawn to our jewelry – the different shapes of the beads spark their curiosity, and the deliciously chew-safe texture soothes their gums. Hip hip hooray for non-toxic silicone beads!

Little Joy Creations

I opened an etsy shop in 2012 after the birth of my daughter Jayna Joy, who was my inspiration to starting up this little business! For me, Little Joy Creations has become an outlet of creativity and a forefront of my passions in life. The focus for the items I make is attention to detail, to offer quality products that will last, as well as a variety of colors, styles, etc. I have always thrived on making accessories that are unique and a little less mainstream. My goal is for others to love and feel satisfied with the items they purchase from Little Joy Creations, and enjoy many years of their littles wearing them!




Modern Baby

Modern Baby is owned by Dana and Debbie, a mother daughter duo from Victoria, BC. Together, they wanted to bring a touch of modern to the baby world — this is how Modern Baby was born!

Their passion is sourcing bright, eye-catching, modern prints that are suitable for both parent and child. Each items is handmade with care, precision, and a focus on durability and style.

Mum and Bean

Making jewelry has been a hobby of mine for many years, but it was motherhood that inspired me to create a collection of jewelry that I felt really passionate about.

This was the beginning of Mum and Bean, and our signature ‘Mommy and Me’ style jewelry sets. With Mum and Bean, you’ll also find a collection of jewelry just for kids and another just for the ladies.

Omdl Coastal

Stefani, of Omdl Coastal, lives and creates in Cedar on Vancouver Island; It’s along these shores and in the woods that she makes a life with her husband and their
twin boys.

Being a creative with an entrepreneurial spirit, Stefani’s first venture was as a coffeehouse owner on the Southern
Gulf Islands in 2010. After 3 years of a successfully run business, Stefani sold Slow Coast Coffee, and soon after Omdl Coastal was born.

Omdl focuses primarily on original art printmaking + custom design. Their passion is to create products that draw you in, so coastal that you can taste the salty ocean
air, and feel the moss under your feet.

Omdl is inspired and driven by the constant opportunity for exploration and adventure on the pacific Rim!

Ocean Sky Apparel

I was taught to sew as a child by my mom and have been sewing for as long as I can remember. Ocean Sky Apparel is inspired by my son; it grew from my love of him, and creating clothing for him that is long-lasting and ethical.

As he grows, the styles I create change. He tests everything for practicality! My fabrics are sourced from Ghana, West Africa and Canada, and I use organic materials whenever possible. Ocean Sky Apparel is just over a year old and everything is made with love out of my home in Victoria, BC.


Rarity fashion is located in beautiful North Saanich, British Columbia. I am the owner, operator and designer for Rarity Fashion. With my grandmother and mother both being master seamstresses, it seemed only natural for me to follow the same path; particularly after our daughter came into our lives.

I am inspired by all of the wonderful women in my life, and I hope you love my designs as much as I love creating them… from sourcing quality, eco-conscious fabrics… to pattern and color design… and finally, to creating the finished product with the care and attention to detail that we all put into our loved one’s every day as we travel the journey of life.

sloane west clothing

My daughter inspires me — she is what keeps me going when times are low. I’m inspired by the outdoors, abstract art, architecture, and all of the amazing mom’s who are business owners.

My background is in fashion design and I previously worked as a Junior Designer at ivivva by Lululemon for 3 years. I have always wanted to start my own baby clothing business, even before I graduated university and had kids of my own. It’s in my blood, I guess!

After living in Vancouver for 7 years, it was time for a change so we packed up and headed to the Island — Cowichan Bay to be exact.

Our focus at sloane west clothing co. is to challenge traditional gender stereotypes and bring you a brand that unites boys and girls. My goal for sloane west clothing co. is to grow and offer more sizing options while being produced in British Columbia.

We believe in slow fashion, using natural and recycled fibres, and supporting other small businesses. Coming from the fashion industry, I am very aware of the negative impacts that fast fashion has on our environment. We want to open the minds of current generations and teach future generations to be true to yourself and love our planet – we only have 1!

Floraa & Fauna

Floraa and Fauna is a western BC based natural product line made with tons of love by two best friends and baby Atlas. Our goal with Floraa and Fauna is to create a product that not only works in its simplicity but also is affordable and family safe. Made with simple, natural ingredients, combined in a way to provide the best possible results. Ingredients are locally sourced to continue supporting local while providing local! Earthy products and effective oils make these products ones that are dreamy for the body and soul. Researched, tried and enjoyed. Our primary goal in creating this line around our passion is to make a healthy, natural lifestyle available to the everyday person.

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Salt + Sage

My name is Cayla Joss and I am the owner and designer of Salt + Sage.  My love of creation started when I was a child and art has always played an integral role in my life.  I have honours diplomas in both Holistic Nutrition + Community Support Work.

 The name Salt + Sage comes from two ways to clear the energies of gemstones. You can smudge them by burning sage or put them into a salt bowl. Travel + books feed my soul.

I have been lucky enough to travel to Thailand + Cambodia twice, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Scotland, England the US and Mexico.

I lost my mother and best friend in 2016, but she still teaches me everyday.

 My quest for adventure and knowledge will never end but I love the nest I call home.

 I am a follower of the moon and her cycles and what they teach us.

 I love food, self care, Kundalini yoga and the rise of the feminine.

 I despise the confines of shoes.

 I always seem to be humming songs I don’t even know (thanks for that’s one mom).

 Chanting, meditation and floating calm my mile a minute mind.

 The water, the mountains, the sand and the trees hold my heart.

 I believe that both the shadow + the light are our teachers.

 When you call me a hippy or a feminist I take it as a compliment.

Parker & Posie


Eco friendly soft soled baby shoes handmade with love using True North Ring Slings linen remnants, upcycled suede and organic bamboo lining! soft and cozy for growing feet.
When our oldest was about 8 months old (he’s now 10 years old!) I started sewing baby shoes for him and just fell in love! soon after that I started to sell them. I’ve come so far and learned so much in the last 10 years. I have continued to love sewing tiny shoes and the chance to be creative while getting to stay at home with our babies!

Tree Fort Toys

After the birth of my daughter in 2014, and with a lifelong love of the ocean, forests, and mountains, I was inspired to create simple and beautiful toys for her out of natural materials.

Family members and friends with little ones showed interest in what I was creating, and with their encouragement, my labour of love, Tree Fort Toys was born. Working out of my home in Victoria, BC with my little product tester by my side, I design and create open-ended and purposeful toys that encourage imagination and foster a lifelong love of learning.

I am filled with such joy knowing that like-minded, eco-conscious families around the world are playing, exploring, learning, and having fun with toys and games that I have created!

Twig and Boat

My name is Laila and I love to crochet. I’m located in Victoria, BC. My “workshop” is in our bright two bedroom condo right downtown. It makes for a lovely mess of sheepskin and yarn, all over the house.

By day I’m a nurse, working hard to help cure our little island of Hepatitis C. I’m also a mother, to the feisty little model you see in my pictures. I’ve been crocheting and knitting for many years but only allowed myself the freedom to really fly and dream as a maker more recently. I couldn’t do it without my partner. . . the best person ever! (she wrote that)

We try to make choices based on what we feel will better the world and the planet so that our children and grandchildren have a beautiful place to live and love. This is one of the reasons we’ve chosen to utilize pre-loved sheepskin jackets. We feel like there are enough of them hanging in closets across the world. This, along with our family’s waste reducing journey, has inspired us to create something more eco friendly. I hope you enjoy our products, because we sure love making them!

Two Peas in a Pod

My name is Anastasia and I’m the mama and creator behind 2 Peas In A Pod Co. I live in Calgary, Alberta near the beautiful Rocky Mountains with my family. I’m a stay at home mom to my two sweet peas, a boy and a girl, who are my biggest inspiration for creating unique, stylish and trendy clothing and accessories for your littles to enjoy.

​I’ve always had a passion for crafting and creating and I found myself making all kinds of adorable things when I was pregnant with our youngest, a little over 2 years ago. Pretty quickly my family, friends, other mamas and even strangers began encouraging me to open up a little shop so that my creations could be loved and enjoyed by other moms and their little ones, so that’s how 2 Peas In A Pod Co. was born!

​Being a tiny bit of a perfectionist, I take a lot of care and pride in my work and handcraft my creations from the highest quality of materials. I want my customers to have a product that is truly unique, organic and authentic.

​I have a love for floral, details and vintage inspired things and try to incorporate those styles into what I make. My goal is to create those special and cherished pieces for you and your littles to enjoy together with comfort, style and life in mind. I’m truly grateful to all of you who continue to support my work and passion, and allowing me the freedom to create.

TK Clothing

I started TK Clothing in 2015, just after my son was born. I saw there was not much out there for merino wool clothing for babies and children that wasn’t a base layer, so my husband suggested I fix this.

As a kid I would help my mom cut and sew costumes and various dance attire, so it was like second nature to get back into it again. We decided to focus more on lifestyle clothing that is stylish but comfortable for kids to wear and doesn’t hinder their movements. I hated the boys selection of clothing, and jeans — unless they were really stretchy, never let him move much. A baby learning to walk shouldn’t be hindered by his clothes!

So, I designed & sewed, we joined a few craft fairs, and went from there. All of this is done here in Victoria, where I was born and raised. My hope is to continue to provide stylish comfy clothing for little ones and expand into bigger sizing and styles as our kids grow.

Urban Baby Apparel

My name is Megan and I am the owner and designer behind Urban Baby Apparel, located in the beautiful seaside community of Sooke, BC.

Urban Baby specializes in handmade,
functional trendy clothes for babies and toddlers. As a busy mom to five wonderful kiddos I saw the need to create fun stylish clothing and wanted to give families of all
backgrounds the accessibility to purchase quality handmade products. Owning a small shop has given me the flexibility I needed to tend to a child with special needs and gave me the creative outlet that was missing from my life.

I love being part of a supportive,
handmade community. Although I try to offer something for everyone’s style and taste, Urban Baby Apparel has become best known for our awesomely unique, up-cycled rompers and beautiful floral dresses.

Wychbury Ave

I am inspired by colour. I’ve always been drawn to bright, happy colours, and now I get to express that through a very practical and creative outlet — soap, crochet, and watercolour art!

That being said, I am also very inspired by sustainability. I love tweaking my production methods and sourcing the most natural products to have the least environmental impact possible.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit — trying to sell my crayon drawings to the neighbours as a child, teaching music lessons as a teen, and running a vegan cupcake business throughout university, so finally having the opportunity to really make my life from my creations was a true privilege.

I started Wychbury Ave during my first maternity leave in 2014, knowing that this was the only opportunity I would have at this time in my life to explore the potential of my passions. Fibre arts, fine arts and soap making fit together naturally as I built my vision, and my hope is that my small business will continue to grow in Victoria and beyond, allowing me to provide for my family as my children continue to grow.

Littles Handmade

Hi! I’m Laura, chronic crafter and mother of two littles.

I’ve always loved crafting and have joked about channeling my inner “Martha” on several occasions. As a kid I would experiment with different materials and art mediums. After having my son and daughter, crafting came in h 

Thanks for having a look and supporting my shop for your littles! ♥♥♥


West Coast Bugs

Ashley is the proud owner of West Coast Bugs. Having two small children of her own, who love to spend time outside she understands that keeping them warm and dry on the wet west coast is a top priority. She started this company two years ago wanting to create products that were great quality at affordable prices. She and her husband work together to create products they are proud to offer to you today!

Sweet Georgia Maeve

Born and raised in Victoria, Christine Cameron is the creator behind Sweet Georgia Maeve. She makes stylish and cozy knit toques for the whole family. Christine started knitting in high school and for many years was an on-again off-again knitting enthusiast. That was until last year when Christine was on maternity leave with her second daughter, Georgia. As a newborn, Georgia encountered some unexpected health issues and Christine picked up her knitting needles once more. Once Georgia was in the clear and the hazy newborn days were over, Christine realized that she had knit enough hats to start a small business, and so Sweet Georgia Maeve was started! 



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